About Polly

London born Polly’s first career choice was as a performer, and trained at the prestigious Italia Conti School of Performing Arts as well as Stella Mann College, where education in fitness, anatomy and physiology, and nutrition is necessary to ensure a dancer stays in peak condition.

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After a change of heart, nutrition, health and skincare was studied more comprehensively whilst studying for an HND in Beauty and Health Therapy Management at Chichester College, and following graduation Polly worked at a health spa as a therapist. After becoming a mother in 2009 Polly put her career on hold to concentrate on her children, but whilst at home wrote ‘Eat, Drink and Be Slim’, a book about diet and weight loss, aimed at people who just want to eat normally and healthily, enjoying the foods they always have, while still maintaining a healthy weight.

Polly also went back to doing some part time modelling work, as well as a few minor TV jobs, and continues to do occasional acting and modelling work for events and promotions for Goodwood Road Racing Company.

Polly acquired the qualification of Metabolic Effect Nutritional Consultant in 2013 after meeting Angela, and followed this by co-founding and becoming a Director of The Fit Mum Formula Ltd.

A Personal Training qualification completes the triangle of knowledge that makes The Fit Mum Formula a one stop shop for all things health, wellbeing, beauty and fitness.

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Polly is a full-time at-home Mum to five year old Aurora and two year old Bella, and continues to work and get involved in various projects around her children’s needs. If there’s one thing Polly doesn’t succumb to, it’s the notion that there is not enough time. If you really put your mind to it, you can do anything you want to, even with two small kids in tow!

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