London born Polly’s first career choice was as a performer, and trained at the prestigious Italia Conti School of Performing Arts as well as Stella Mann College, where education in fitness, anatomy and physiology, and nutrition is necessary to ensure a dancer stays in peak condition.

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After a change of heart following struggles with mental health and eating disorders (Polly is on the Bipolar spectrum but stays well through lifestyle rather than medication), Polly went on to work at a celebrity favourite 5* spa in beauty and holistic treatments, and doing talks and workshops on healthy living and skincare.

After becoming a mother in 2009 Polly put her career on hold to concentrate on her children, but whilst at home wrote ‘Eat, Drink and Be Slim’, a book about diet and weight loss, aimed at people who just want to eat normally and healthily, enjoying the foods they always have, while still maintaining a healthy weight.

Polly also went back to doing some part time modelling work, as well as a few TV jobs, and continues to do occasional acting and modelling work including films, commercials, TV and stills photoshoots.

But health, nutrition and fitness continued to play a big part in Polly’s life and staying mentally as well as physically well, so she acquired the necessary Nutrition Consultant and Personal Trainer qualifications to help others do the same.

The Fit Mum Formula was created as a means to helping busy, exhausted and frustrated Mums feel awesome. Because while most fitness and nutrition plans will work to some degree, there’s not much that fits happily into family life without a lot of time and stress involved. Polly wants to change that. Health and body confidence is possible for even the busiest Mum, and The Fit Mum Formula will show you how.

Polly has been featured in National publications and media including The Sun Newspaper, Mother and Baby Magazine, LBC Radio and Sky News, as well as numerous Fitness Festival appearances and Podcast interviews. Get in touch to enquire about quotes, interviews and brand collaborations.

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Polly Mum to Aurora and Bella first and foremost, and continues to work and get involved in various projects around her children’s needs. If there’s one thing Polly doesn’t succumb to, it’s the notion that there is not enough time. If you really put your mind to it, you can do anything you want to, even with two small kids in tow!

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