Ask an expert:- How to Lose Weight for your Wedding Day

If there’s one thing a bride wants on her Wedding Day (second of course to becoming legally tied to the one you love!) it’s to feel confident that it’s your day to shine and be the centre of attention, with everyone admiring how beautiful your dress is and how happy you look. You’ll be photographed by everyone not least your own photographer from whom you will purchase photos to be displayed in silver frames around your house, forever reminding you of that magical day when two officially became one.

So of course you want to look your best! As women we are particularly critical of ourselves over our appearance and this only magnifies every time we are at an occasion where scrubbing up well is mandatory, be that a night on the tiles or an important meeting, how we look and present ourselves is important to us.

Now times that by several (possibly hundred) wedding guests, old friends, best friends, family, colleagues, plus of course all of your spouse-to-be’s guests with all eyes on you and the pressure to get everything right really mounts. Will my make-up stay put? Will my hair stay in place? And top of many bride’s appearance concerns, ‘Help, I don’t want to look fat on my big day!’

First things first…

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