I’m delighted to have a couple of columns in the online women’s magazine Feminarum, for intelligent women by intelligent women who know what they want to read, and would rather not pay for things they don’t!

fem pic

I’ll be writing a monthly Diary entry, giving you insight into the days of a Mum, Wife, Entrepeneur, Nutritionist, Author, Model, and soon-to-be Personal Trainer. And yes there ARE enough hours in the day…….just.

I’ll also be doing a Recipe Makeover – Feminarum submit their requests for which of their personal favourite recipes they want given a ‘health-over’, and I’ll give them a healthier version!


Im going back to school!

Well I’m gaining some qualifications anyway!

I’ve wanted to do a Sports-specific nutrition course for some time and am taking the plunge with Precision Nutrition, the best the industry has to offer in terms of nutrition for not just sporty people but weight management (be that losing or gaining), body transformation, and many medical needs that can be helped through nutritional support.

I’ll also be getting my Personal Trainer qualification through local coaches Fitness Inspired Teacher Training, and after what is bound to be three pretty full-on and sleep deprived months, I will be fully qualified by the end of July!

I already know most of the courses’ content, but having the papers to prove it will add that extra credibility.