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Keep getting IBS? It could be STRESS

Think your IBS symptoms could be stress related? You’re probably right. 

According to Alison Cullen speaking in the Daily Mail,

“Our emotions and our digestive functions are inextricably linked, because when we are feeling anxious our body releases adrenaline — the ‘fight or flight’ hormone intended to help us deal with stressful situations.

Unfortunately, this adrenaline diverts the blood supply away from the stomach towards our heart and lungs, effectively switching off a digestive system it doesn’t see as critical in times of crisis.

Nutritional therapist Alison Cullen says: ‘This means you’re not producing enough digestive enzymes to help your food travel through the digestive tract and be broken down effectively. It leads to uncomfortable distension of the abdomen and painful inflammation of the gut wall.’”

I was asked about my personal experiences, which show that even people with nutritional knowledge like me aren’t immune from gut problems:

“Yet even with the best diet and relationships, women can also be stricken by terrible stomach aches. The reason? They don’t get enough sleep, as Pollyanna Hale, a mother-of-two and weight-loss coach, from Bosham, West Sussex, can testify.

Pollyanna, 32, who is married to James, 36, a property developer, started suffering stomach aches after her daughter Bella was born in September 2012.

‘With the constant feeds, I averaged five hours sleep a night. I couldn’t nap during the day because I had Bella’s sister, Aurora, then three, to care for.’

Exhausted, she started to suffer from fluctuating constipation and diarrhoea. ‘The more tired and stressed I got the more stomach aches I had. Eating healthily made no difference. I looked so bloated strangers would ask if I was pregnant.’

Tests last summer revealed that she had a bacterial infection in her stomach — common in those who are constantly stressed.”

Read the full article here:



Who Remembers The Spice Girls?

I was 12 years old when ‘Wannabe’ spent 7 weeks at no.1. of the Official UK Charts during the Summer of 1996.

It was a Summer that impacted my life in a big way.

I went on to study performing arts at the prestigious Italic Conti Theatre Arts School, formed a girl band, and still have that Union Jack dress in my fancy dress collection in my Attic!

Online magazine Refinery 29 asked my to reminisce a few Spice Girl memories.

Click Here to read the article.

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My Eating Disorder Confession

I nearly died of an eating disorder.

I’ve got to warn you this is raw, and I don’t mean uncooked, I mean emotionally raw.

I love food, especially food that makes you feel good.

But I wasn’t always like this, not by a long way.

In fact, I nearly died.

This is my ‘Coming Out’.

It’s taken me 10 years to do this.

People I see every day don’t know this.

But it’s important, for me to be honest with you, and to be true to myself.

I’m hoping it will help other people just knowing they’re not alone.

Why am I so passionate about health? Because I nearly died. 

You can help by sharing the Facebook post – it’s here:

I hope you won’t judge me. I hope instead you will see that I’m not perfect but I have learned a LOT, and I hope I can pass this wisdom on to you.

You only have one body, look after it.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, literally.


Posing In My Pants for The Sun Newspaper

Posing in a pair of cotton undies and nothing else in a National newspaper (The Sun) is not something everyone would do, granted.

But it was a mark of my body confidence when I was asked by a modelling agency to do just that for a feature about wedding underwear.

Polyanna Hale, 32 Holborn Studios Underwear worn on wedding day - Lynsey Clarke 10/06/16 Olivia West


Apparently my choice of Marks and Spencer white cottons make me ‘Happy, Sociable and Confident’ according to style Psychologist Kate Nightingale.

I would agree with that!

Read the article and get more picture here.


My Biz N Brewz Video Diary; How Beer Changed My Life

Biz N Brewz Marketing Event – VIP on Steroids

(scroll down for video)
Leaving 2 kids at home to travel half way round the world to Portland, Oregon, was no small decision.

But it turned out to be a life changing one.

Speakers included
– Ben Settle
– Jodi Ardito
– Dan Meredith
– Ryan Stewman
– Vicki Irvin
– Danielle Lynn
– Justin Devonshire
– Kamala Chambers
– Shane Hunter
– Ray Higdon
– Brian Keith Noonan
– Luis Congdon
– surprise attendance from Christopher John Stubbs


How To Lose Weight and Get Fit From Home!

Letting you know about products I think you’ll love is luckily not so hard for me

As a business owner I meet and get contacted by many businesses who have something to offer my readers, sometimes I’m not convinced or interested, but sometimes something catches my eye and I think, wow that’s actually pretty cool!

A Snoob is a clever scarf that can be worn whether you are pregnant, breastfeeding or long after your babies have grown up.


snoob 2snoob 1

  • Can be used when tandem feeding twins.
  • No need to take it off when moving baby to the other breast.
  • No need to remove it when winding your baby.
  • It can double as a blanket if your baby is sleepy after feeding.
  • Lightweight cotton jersey so perfect for any season.
  • 100% cotton jersey
  • Machine washable

I was asked by the team and Snoob if I’d like to tell their blog readers about The Fit Mum Formula and how the way I help women address weightloss and fitness goals appeals particularly to Mums, since it’s all done in your own home on your own time, so no childcare or difficult schedules to organise!

It’s a great summary of how it works and why if you’re a busy woman or Mum with no time for the gym it’s exactly what you’ve been needing.

Click here to go to the piece over on the Snoob blog. 

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How to Get People to Want to Talk About You

Viralnomics. Is that even a word?
It is now, and I guess that’s the point. With the right strategies anything can become a thing.

I was given the opportunity to read and review the book before anyone else. I was one of only 150 people to be invited and to be part of secret Facebook group for me and the other 149 people, and since Jon Goodman’s PTDC has over 200,000 followers on Facebook alone that makes me pretty special.

Ding Ding round one accomplished. Jon has made me feel really special before I’ve even read the contents page.
This isn’t an isolated incident either. For someone who’s in demand as the must-have but sold-out trending kids’ toy on Christmas eve, Jon replies to Tweets personally, interacts on Facebook like he has nothing better to do, and asks how your day is going (with sincerity) while he’s at it.

Read my review of this awesome book on getting people to talk about you over on the Women In Fitness Empowerment blog here.




It’s January, you’ve over indulged over Christmas, and your New Year’s Resolution is to get more exercise. You’re obviously not the first person to make this commitment at this time of year, but sticking with your goals beyond February the 1st would actually put you in the minority – one study reported that only 20% of January sign ups still attend after the first month!

Hardly anyone actually keeps going to the gym

Why the poor attendance rates? Most people start with lofty goals, with the best of intentions to go to classes 4 nights a week and again on weekend mornings. But very few people have the time to commit to this, and so believing they need to do huge amounts of exercise to get fitness results, view a more modest approach as pointless, so give up entirely.

But what if you could get more activity into your life without forking out for a gym membership in the first place? After all many people already put themselves in dept from overspending on Christmas presents and festivities, so adding to this with an expensive (and unused) gym membership seems like a poor manoeuvre to me.

Move more for free

Here’s 10 simple ways you can get more exercise into your life without spending a penny, that I wrote as a guest post for fitness writer Lucy Loves. Will they make you an Olympian? Probably not. But do them all as often as possible and they add up surprisingly fast. Every little really does help.

Click here or on the image to get these ideas you can implement today. 



Personalize Your Diet Plan: Step 1

Sorry, there is no such thing as the perfect diet plan.

Or let me rethink that…

There is such thing as an almost perfect diet plan for a particular person on a particular day, but since we can only know so much about that person on any given single day, it makes it near impossible to make a diet plan that’s perfect for two different people, or even for the same person but on different days!

That being said, if you know how to tweak your diet according to a few key circumstances, you will be adapting what you eat to what your body needs,and that’s the secret to getting it right, whatever your goals.

Here’s how in my latest article for Watchfit.