Follow Along to Workout Videos Live!

Do you search for workout videos online whenever you need a quick and simple to follow exercise session?


There are hundreds available thanks to video platforms like YouTube.


In fact I have a whole library of exercise demos here <<


The only problem with these are you don’t get the support and ability to ask questions, and of course be motivated to to the workout in the first place, that you get from hiring a coach.

You don’t get any information about diet or nutrition either.

(but you do here < , more info on this below)

in fact this is a big reason many personal trainers fail their clients – the person turns up to their 3 x weekly sessions, but what about the other 165 hours a week?

And what about all the meals that are offsetting any weight loss benefits from a workout?

Diet changes make the biggest difference when losing weight is your goal.

That being said, you’ll have more energy, be stronger, fitter, look more toned and sleep better if you exercise as well.

And now some new videos I’ve created are being streamed live on a new workout platform called Flex!

warmup workout videos


The 7 workouts are designed for busy Mums to help burn fat and ramp up your metabolism so that you burn more calories even resting. Check them out on Flex here. 

These are actually workouts that are part of my new 7 Day Weight Loss Plan that includes 7 days of all meals & snacks, shopping list, motivation and full support.


Find out more about the 7-4-7 Weight Loss Challenge here!