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Keep getting IBS? It could be STRESS

Think your IBS symptoms could be stress related? You’re probably right. 

According to Alison Cullen speaking in the Daily Mail,

“Our emotions and our digestive functions are inextricably linked, because when we are feeling anxious our body releases adrenaline — the ‘fight or flight’ hormone intended to help us deal with stressful situations.

Unfortunately, this adrenaline diverts the blood supply away from the stomach towards our heart and lungs, effectively switching off a digestive system it doesn’t see as critical in times of crisis.

Nutritional therapist Alison Cullen says: ‘This means you’re not producing enough digestive enzymes to help your food travel through the digestive tract and be broken down effectively. It leads to uncomfortable distension of the abdomen and painful inflammation of the gut wall.’”

I was asked about my personal experiences, which show that even people with nutritional knowledge like me aren’t immune from gut problems:

“Yet even with the best diet and relationships, women can also be stricken by terrible stomach aches. The reason? They don’t get enough sleep, as Pollyanna Hale, a mother-of-two and weight-loss coach, from Bosham, West Sussex, can testify.

Pollyanna, 32, who is married to James, 36, a property developer, started suffering stomach aches after her daughter Bella was born in September 2012.

‘With the constant feeds, I averaged five hours sleep a night. I couldn’t nap during the day because I had Bella’s sister, Aurora, then three, to care for.’

Exhausted, she started to suffer from fluctuating constipation and diarrhoea. ‘The more tired and stressed I got the more stomach aches I had. Eating healthily made no difference. I looked so bloated strangers would ask if I was pregnant.’

Tests last summer revealed that she had a bacterial infection in her stomach — common in those who are constantly stressed.”

Read the full article here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3757187/Keep-getting-agonising-tummy-aches-STRESS-warn-doctors-seen-rise-high-flying-women-experiencing-stomach-problems.html#ixzz4IKxqkAQc