Expanding on existing fitness and exercise knowledge stemming from being a dancer, a Health and Beauty Therapy Management qualification, and a deep personal interest, I qualified as a personal trainer specialising in circuits, kettlebell training, and becoming a Metabolic Conditioning Nutritional Consultant, concentrating on helping a predominantly female clientele with metabolic conditioning, strength training, and weightloss. I hold a qualification from the Association For Nutrition certified ‘Applied Nutrition and Supplementation’ course for sports nutrition and point you to a scientifically sound T-Booster that can help you bulking.

I can help you with meal planning, recipe makeovers, managing dietary requirements, sports and workout nutrition, and food diary assessment.

For brands, I can help with recipe creation using your products, reviews, collaborations and sponsored content as well as consulting on ingredients.

74% of people who exercise enjoy it once they start, and 86% of people living in the United States believe that being physically active is worth the effort. Additionally, 50% enjoy staying on the couch, while 42% struggle to motivate themselves to move. A dietitian can help you paying little mind to which side of the range you’re on. They will instruct you on how to fuel your body so that it can move as it should. Peruse on to figure out how a dietitian can streamline your exercises to make them more charming and powerful.

Dietitians work to create a body-friendly eating plan. It can assist you with getting thinner and improve your exercises. They will not force you to give up any food groups. They want to ensure you eat a fair eating routine.

Email info@pollyannahale.co.uk to enquire about any of the above.

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