Public Speaking

I’ve spoken at various fitness events and festivals including at a women in fitness-business conference (about social media and productivity), mental health in the wellness industry (Fit as a Fiddle Festival), and controlling sugar cravings (Dame Kelly Holmes’ Refresh Festival) among others. I also lead HIIT and circuit style body weight workouts at events.


Podcast Guest

I’ve spoken about everything from cooking tips to being hospitalised for anorexia, motherhood and everything involved in staying fit and healthy in the challenging world of being a parent. You can listen to podcasts I’ve been on via my youtube channel here, or by searching in my blog (which I’ve done for you here)


TV & Radio

Need an expert to comment on today’s hot weight loss / obesity / food / fitness topic? I’ve spoken many times on both radio and TV including BBC News, Sky TV (click here), LBC Radio and BBC 3 Counties Radio. Some clips are on my Youtube channel here, with different ones on my blog here.

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