A weird thing happens when you have an online presence – companies start sending you stuff and asking you to promote their products. Lots are utter nonsense but these three really stood out. 

There’s actually been quite a few but one company’s sunglasses were horrible, I’m not going to promote cheap bracelets made by 8 year old’s in India…….you get the idea.

But a few stood out as really lovely stuff so if you need a new bikini/costume this Summer, fancy treating yourself to a necklace, or it’s someone’s birthday coming up here’s options that really caught my eye as ones to check out:

Check out the cute lingerie and toys from UK based Maw Delights! Get 10% off Maw Delights orders with discount code MAWPAH at www.mawdelights.com

maw delights discount code

Bright Swimwear donate 10% to a charity who cleans up the oceans. I loved this, such an important issue these days when pollution and there’s so much plastic killing sea creatures. Some of their bikinis are a little racy but they do one-pieces too. Use code POLLYANNA15 to get 15% off at https://brightswimwear.com/


Happy Shopping!

P.S. Yep I get a tiny bit of commission if you use my code, so feel free to buy without but bear in mind you won’t get the discount.