Sun Warrior Vegan Protein Powder Review

We’ve all heard protein powders bad-mouthed by some ‘pure-foodists’. This is ignorance in my opinion. If whey protein, a derivative of milk, is ‘not real food’, then neither is butter, also a milk derivative. But as with all food choices, protein powders are of course not all equal. Highly processed, heat-treated, unnecessary artificial additives, cheap fillers – some protein powders are actually protein ‘junk’.

Whey protein is the sport and fitness industry’s favourite supplement, but vegan options are often not a high priority for manufacturers, leaving vegans or people who don’t tolerate dairy-derived proteins with a limited selection of mostly poor quality powders that are equally nasty in texture and taste.

healthy smoothie with turmeric, vanilla, cinnamon and coconut milk


Thankfully Sun Warrior have come to the rescue. I am intolerant to casein, and can only have whey in limited amounts, so vegan blends are my way of knocking up a convenient, tasty, nutritious breakfast, snack, or pre/post-workout shake. In fact as a very busy business woman, wife and mother who would love to make homemade protein bars every day but doesn’t have time, I get through quite a lot of Sun Warrior protein!