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pamela anderson lookalike video

I was turned into a Pamela Anderson Lookalike!

Ever wondered how it feels to be a Pamela Anderson Lookalike? That’s what I did for a day!

With the 2021 docuseries ‘Pam and Tommy’ involving actress Lily James being transformed into Pamela Anderson with fake boobs and blond wig, The Sun Newspaper decided to try and give me the same makeover!

The full story can be found here.

For the record no I didn’t spend that money, it was a modelling job, but it made a good headline!

Here’s the step by step transformation in pictures below (full details and lists of which make up, tan and hair products are in The Sun’s article), and check out the amazing transformation video at the bottom!

  1. The boobs

pamela anderson lookalike 6 pamela anderson lookalike 5

2. Makeup and face contouring.

pamela anderson lookalike 7pamela anderson lookalike 3

3. Fake tan and wig. I also got the same exact nail polish. If you also want to find your ideal solution for longer-lasting nails that will match your outfits, you may visit the website of Glitterbels.

pamela anderson lookalike 8pamela anderson lookalike 2

4. Getting the poses exactly like Pammy’s is a lot harder than you think. We didn’t want to miss a trick – note the position of my fingers on my hip like her’s!

pamela anderson lookalike 1pamela anderson lookalike 8  pamela anderson lookalike 10 pamela anderson lookalike 12

The time-lapse video – how it happened in real time!