Where Other Women In Fitness Go To Learn

If you’re a woman in the health / fitness / nutrition industry and have not yet checked out Women In Fitness Empowerment you really are missing out.

A network of support, information and resources to give women in a voice in this male dominated industry and to help you improve personal confidence and excel your business, WIFE also holds conferences and training days.

Not dull seminars where you sit for 9 hours staring at slideshows……

…but ones that involve glow sticks and Easter eggs 🙂


We held a Mastermind in Reading this weekend where not a single person left without actionable steps to move their business forward, new friendships, and buckets of motivation.

I was one of 6 key speakers teaching the impact of lead generation and email marketing as well as streamlining workload to free up more of your time (a skill I had to learn as a Mum as well as business woman).


Public Speaking is something I’ve been wanting to get into for a while and this opportunity gave me a massive confidence boost in my abilities to deliver, my expertise, and served to reinforce it’s a route I want to go down.

People say the rush is addictive, and I can see why.

As a stage school graduate it’s true what they say – once a performer, always a performer!